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Association of Patent Law Firms (APLF)
The Association of Patent Law Firms (APLF) is an international association of law firms that devote a majority of their practice to patent law. Practicing attorneys of our member firms are skilled and experienced in the areas of patent application work, litigation, and counseling services. We seek to fill a void that has been left by other organizations that have broadened their base to the general field of "intellectual property law." As an alliance strictly of patent law firms, a major objective is to jointly promote the advantages realized by clients when they select a patent law firm for patent application work, litigation, and counseling services.
IMMLAW, National Consortium of Immigration Law Firms
Network of attorneys concentrating exclusively on immigration law. IMMLAW has 17 members located throughout the United States.
State Capital Global Law Firm Group
Organization of firms located in each of the fifty U.S. capital cities and in other capital cities and major commercial centers around the world. Members share information and expertise about the practice of law before various legislative, judicial, administrative, regulatory and executive bodies in the represented capital cities. Members are admitted based on their ability to practice law before all the branches of government in the represented cities. The group produces Lobbying, PACs, and Campaign Finance: 50 State Handbook, published annually by West Group. Membership is by invitation only.
United States Law Firm Group
National network of 19 U.S. law firms headquartered in major cities in the country's leading commercial states. The organization has 19 committees (including an International Practice Committee) representing its various practice groups. ULFG's group of 19 trustees meets three times a year.
Nationwide network of mortgage banking attorneys. The organization offers referral services, educational seminars, industry news, publications, a listserv and training resources. Full membership is open to law firms and trustee companies; USFN also offers associate memberships to businesses that provide related services such as title services, property valuation, document retrieval, and commercial property management.
Worklaw Network
Nationwide network of law firms exclusively representing management in all areas of labor and employment law. Member firms practice exclusively in labor and employment matters for employers. The network has 339 lawyers, in 40 offices in 26 states. Members have access to a shared database containing research memoranda, briefs, election campaign materials, and other pooled information. Membership is by invitation only.
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