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Corporate Responsibility
Sustainability in a changing world

Corporate responsibility is integral component to our business strategy, our values and our day-to-day operations. As a national distributor serving many firms throughout many communities, recognizes that environmental stewardship is in the best interest of our company, customers, and the neighborhoods in which we work and live. We also understand that our customers have sustainability initiatives and is committed to helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

To ensure we are building a stronger future for our customers and our organization, sustainability must play an active role in our daily operations. Sustainability at LegalStore encompasses more than our environmental impact; we believe, to be a sustainable company we must manage our environmental, social, and financial performance. To support this belief, we have defined three sustainability focus areas: (i) People; (ii) Planet; and (iii) Performance.

Sustainability will be an ongoing and evolving effort. To that end, we are continuing to build and enhance our sustainability strategy which will help us identify opportunities to improve our operational efficiency, reduce the dependence on scarce resources, make a positive impact in the communities which we operate, and engage our associates, customers and suppliers in these important issues.
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