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Our foundation is based on 64 years of commitment to deliver superb, innovative and ever-improving essential legal office supplies, solutions and services
Corporate kits, LLC and Non-profit binder kits, Corporate Seals and Corporate Certificates offered in a complete range of price points and binder assortment. Corporate Kits shipped free
Handcrafted Custom Leather Briefcase Exclusively Made to Order! Made in the USA with a Lifetime Guarantee
Partnership Buy-In Financing, Equipment Purchases, Practice Debt Consolidation, Commercial Real Estate Financing and Improvement, Expansion and Relocation Loans.
Attorney Briefcases, Attorney Exhibit Cases and Attorney Caddies for all your specific practice requirements. Custom Lawyer Briefcases, Lawyer Document Cases and Wheeled Litigation Cases at affordable prices.
We offer the finest Last Will and Testament and Trust Stationery available designed to your specifications whether engraved or printed. Will kits, Will covers, Will envelopes, Will paper, legal stock ... custom printed, standard imprint and plan Will legal supplies
We inventory a wide variety of Legal Folders, Smead File Folders, Attorney File Folders, Classification Folders, Legal Presentation Folders for all your specific law office applications.
We offer a comprehensive assortment of Legal Pocket Folders, Redweld Expandable Folders, Custom Pocket Folders, Folders for Legal Documents for every part of your law office filing requirements.
BarMax is a leading comprehensive bar review and prep courses available on mobile devices. customers enjoy at 25% discount of the list price.
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